listen: there's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go

I'm the user formerly known as spark_force.

I have less and less of a life as time goes on.

I read. I write, some. (Less than I'd like.)

A periodically updated list for my fic on this journal can be found here. For an up-to-date list, look in my tags. Here's my account over at fanfiction.net. Most of it's... kinda old.

Please feel free to leave honest concrit. I'm always trying to improve, and I have relatively thick skin.

I manage eureka_fanfic and fforward_fic.

If anyone needs to know, yes, I am over eighteen.

Friending policy: Uh, do I need one of these? Probably not. But just in case... feel free to friend and unfriend as you wish. However, due to job concerns, I keep my personal entries flocked, and I'm having to be more picky about who I friend back. Sorry. All my fannish stuff is kept unlocked, though, so you're not missing much!

If I friend you out of the blue, it's probably because I like whatever it is you have on your journal-- just mention if you'd rather I didn't!