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It has been a seriously up-and-down week, guys.

The bad things:
-Last Thursday, I tried yoga for the first time, and halfway through I passed out. Not for long (I woke up as I hit the ground), but I still had to sit there for about twenty minutes and wait to stop feeling so shaky.
-Then Friday, in the middle of a chorale performance, my vision started going dark and my knees started getting wobbly, so I had to sit down very fast in the middle of a song so I didn't pass out again.
-The doctor thinks it's just low blood pressure caused by standing up too fast several times in succession in yoga, but it's been a week now and I'm still feeling weird and shaky. Can't stand for very long. It kinda sucks! (But at least knowing how it feels to pass out will make it easier to describe when I write, I guess?)

On the list of good things this week,
-My cat has spontaneously learned how to fetch, and it is adorable,
-I got a free ticket to the local international festival next week, and
-I GOT TICKETS TO AN ADVANCE SCREENING OF STAR TREK!!!!! Saturday night!!! (And they were free, too!) There's a group of us planning to get there about an hour and a half early, take a picnic dinner or something. It should be great fun. XD



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May. 10th, 2013 09:45 am (UTC)
Oh my goodness, that does not sound great! Hope you'll feel better soon. I started yoga in January, and I'm lucky our teacher is always very good at forcing us to take it slow and remember to be careful with ourselves.

Congrats on the ST tickets! Awesome!
May. 10th, 2013 11:56 am (UTC)
Yeah, it hasn't been the greatest. :\ Especially considering this is the last couple of our chorale performances that we've practiced for ages for, and I had to sit in a chair last weekend to be able to participate. (As the average age of the chorale is 70+, I'm not the only one seated, but it's still embarrassing.)

NGL, bragging about the ST tickets were 95% of the reason I posted this... ;)
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